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From the Office of the Sheriff
Don Hewett

Greetings…hope all is well and your gardens have survived our very late freezes.

With spring and summer youth sports in full swing, there are going to be funds collected thru gate collections, fees and fundraisers. A lot of the funds collected will be checks, but most will be cash. We strongly suggest your organization has some kind of checks and balance system. Such a system might consist of a minimum of two people to count all money collected and have two signatures on all checks written.

The reason for this suggestion is because we have already investigated one county youth sports association. This association lost a tremendous amount of money thru embezzlement because one person was in charge of all money collected. There was no checks and balance system in place. Our children and grandchildren were the real losers in this case.

The following is the breakdown for the month of March for incidents investigated or services provided by your McClain County Sheriff's Office: burglaries, 18; theft/larcenies, 11; domestic violence, 2; narcotic investigations, 7; embezzlement, 1; threatening phone calls/texts, 4; assault/battery, 1; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 2; sexual assault, 1; possession of a firearm AFC, 1; possession of stolen property, 1; vandalism, 2; child endangerment, 2; escape from custody, 1; animal calls, 4; welfare checks, 4; fire calls, 2; public intoxications, 7; driving under the influence, 3; driving under suspension, 5; unattended death, 1; runaway, 1 and recovery of property, 1.

We responded to 21 alarm calls and 3 911 hang-up calls, served 47 civil process papers, served 7 victim protection orders, conducted 4 sheriff sales with 3 recalled. We transported 31 inmates and sent 27 requests of charges to be filed with the district attorney's office.

We have 9 inmates, Joel Robertson, Jericho Connine, Cody Sweetman, Felander Sanders, Joe Washington, Eva Christopher, Courtney Peters, Michael Jilge and Vincent Hixon awaiting transportation to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. We had 7 on community sentencing or drug court serving jail time. During the month of March the detention center booked in 219 inmates, 165 males and 54 females. On the last day of March we had 67 inmates, 51 males and 16 females incarcerated in our facility. During the month of March we served 6,138 meals.

Come by and see us, give us a call or like us on Facebook. Until that time.....
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